Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kim & the Giant Mommy Deed

Reams of print have extolled the phoenix–like feats of Kim Clijsters.The former Number 1 women's tennis player who retired two years ago has been storming the battlements at the U.S. Open, cheered on by her husband and 18-month-old daughter—and thousands of men and women riveted by the very public spectacle of someone playing out their private story: A talented woman who dropped out at the top of her game to have a child and is now trying to step back into her career at the highest level. No matter whether Clijsters ends up hoisting the winner's hardware or smiling gamely from the sidelines — I'm posting this blog after Kims remarkable win the finals upstaging a teenager.She has proven without a doubt that women don't lose their competitive mojo just because they become mothers.

What Clijsters has done, said Stacey Allaster, the new chief executive of the Women's Tennis Association, in an article in The New York Times, "sends an incredible message to working moms that you can have a career and be successful at your profession."

The bottom line.

Nothing there should be that make us believe that women under go metamorphosis after attaining motherhood. More than ever smart women post marriage & motherhood are proving one and all that they are better than they were before & as competitive as they are into the future rubbing head & shoulders with the best talented men.

Importantly be it a man or a woman life's many stages can be lived in accordance to the time nature demands & yet return back to the arc lights & spotlights invigorated. Discriminate then we should not and despise those who do to bring the petty filters to stop talents coming back from stages of life they took off for. Suffice to say that we need to realize that we work to make a life and not the other way around. Be it a Man or a Mother!


Kavita said...

Kim's return to the tennis court is a real inspiration. It reminded me of my accompanying my daughters to the practice sessions for tennis, i would tell them that they should play with me and their facial expression would say " c'mon mom... " but after having seen Kim play, expressions have changed and you never know, i might just start playing the game. This also states that it is never too late to do something specially when it comes to a sport. This win has certainly changed some perceptions that we have about age, time and zeal to do something.
so what are Moms waiting for... time to enjoy

Aravindan Umashankar said...

Kavita, I would like to see you serve that Ace whacking the yellow balls down the line ..your twins are in for a tough match ahead .. Go Mommy Go !